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Polygraph Unbeatable, Says California Psychologist.

Woodland Hills, CA, /PRNewswire/ -- "Almost no human being can beat a polygraph test," says Dr. Louis Rovner, a noted psychologist and polygraph expert in California. In fact, lie detection technology has become so sophisticated that a polygraph can now detect a person's efforts to try to beat the test.

In a recent Deputy Sheriff Magazine article, Dr. Rovner writes that there are several books and pamphlets available on the Internet which claim to teach people how to beat a polygraph test. None of these, he says, can do what they claim.

Dr. Rovner feels that the idea of beating a polygraph test after reading a short book is absurd. "This is about the same as saying that you will be able to perform a Beethoven Piano Concerto at Carnegie Hall by simply reading a book about piano playing." The interplay between the sophisticated technology of the polygraph, the experience of the examiner, and the involuntary physiological reactions of the subject is so complex that almost no one can look truthful on the polygraph when he is actually lying.

"Beating the polygraph," says Rovner, "is impossible for most people." The polygraph is a scientific instrument which records physiological changes in our bodies. Polygraph examiners are trained to look for subtle abnormalities in these changes as a person answers a series of questions. The changes are involuntary reactions that occur in our bodies when we are not being truthful. "In order to beat the test," he says, "a person must use his central nervous system to override the involuntary activity of the autonomic nervous system, and he must do it on cue." Given the anxiety of a typically polygraph subject, it is extremely unlikely that anyone could successfully fool the polygraph.

Scientific research into polygraph accuracy has been going on for more than 40 years. "Overall," says Dr. Rovner, "we are confident that polygraph tests have a 96% accuracy rate when done properly." That statement is backed up by hundreds of research studies and experiments. Rovner's own published research shows that people cannot beat a polygraph test simply by reading about it.

Source: Rovner & Associates

I Have Been Cleared of the Malicious and False Claims Against Me

By Robert Haugh

During a family law custody dispute involving our daughter, my ex-wife made serious, malicious, and false claims against me. Fortunately, my name was recently cleared when the Santa Clara County District Attorney's Office dismissed charges against me. It was the truthful, just, and right thing to do.

During the process, I underwent a polygraph by a man who has done national security polygraphs for the federal government. I passed the polygraph in a manner that was described by the polygrapher as one of the strongest results he has seen in his career.

In my career as a preschool teacher, there has never been a claim, hint or suggestion of any improper touching or treatment of any child under my care. I had about a dozen character letters from all sorts of people from an array of backgrounds. Even though the heinous allegations were completely unfounded, they led to costly legal fees, lost wages, and a lot of heartache. And they obviously have had a huge emotional toll on me and my family.

Many ask how I paid the bills. Well, I used everything I had saved. My family tapped into a loan. Donations from friends and close family helped as well.

Unfortunately, I haven't seen my daughter in nearly a year because of these heinous and false allegations by her mother. We're still battling in family court. It's very clear the false allegations made against me were made by my ex-wife in an attempt to gain an advantage in what has been a long, drawn-out custody matter. She has constantly asked for full custody, not considering what's best for our daughter.

This has been the hardest thing I've ever dealt with in my life. And I've been through a lot. But I will continue to persevere and stay strong.

I'm grateful for the friends and family that have stood by my side and helped me. I couldn't have done it without you.

Source: https://santaclaranews.org

Prosecutors fire back at Ex-Detroit Councilman Andre Spivey: He didn't cooperate, he lied

Former Detroit City Councilman Andre Spivey in 2020 failed a government lie detector test about accepting bribes from a Detroit businessman and harmed a federal corruption investigation by leaking sensitive information to others, according to federal prosecutors.

Prosecutors portrayed Spivey as a liar and a leaker in a new court filing on Friday to refute claims he made seeking leniency in his bribery case ahead of sentencing on Wednesday. Spivey, 47, pleaded guilty in September to accepting $35,900 in bribes from a confidential FBI source between 2018 and 2020 in exchange for wielding his political influence.

In a court filing earlier this week, Spivey asked a federal judge for a sentence of probation, explaining that he extensively cooperated with authorities. Spivey also claimed the bribe payments he took were "loans" to help deal with financial issues and mounting bills. None of that is true, according to prosecutors.

"Even setting aside the issue of Spivey lying during his debriefings and failing a polygraph, there is simply no possible basis for which Spivey can claim that his sentence should be reduced given that he failed to identify a single bribe beyond the ones that the FBI already knew about," prosecutors wrote in Friday's filing in U.S. District Court in Detroit. "Instead, Spivey is misleading the court and simply seeking to depress his sentence by claiming 'cooperation.' "

Source: https://www.freep.com

Feds Slam Spivey for Lying, Failing Polygraph in Detroit Corruption Probe

Detroit - Federal prosecutors Friday slammed former Detroit Councilman André Spivey for misleading a federal judge about whether he cooperated with an ongoing corruption investigation, leaking the identity of an FBI confidential source and trying to obstruct investigators.

The filing Friday accuses Spivey and other city officials of obstructing federal agents and warning FBI targets that they were under investigation for crimes.

Assistant U.S. Attorneys David Gardey and Frances Carlson wrote a rare, nine-page rebuke of Spivey's attempt to avoid prison for pocketing almost $36,000 in bribes from an unidentified towing official. In asking U.S. District Judge Victoria Roberts for leniency Tuesday, Spivey claimed he helped the government's ongoing investigation.

"However, rather than cooperating, Spivey actually obstructed and lied repeatedly during his debriefings with FBI agents and prosecutors," the prosecutors wrote. "Spivey lied when he denied accepting bribes from other Detroit businessmen. In fact, Spivey failed a polygraph examination on October 22, 2020, on the issue of whether he had accepted bribes from a particular Detroit business owner who had issues pending before the City Council."

Source: https://www.detroitnews.com