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Don's Credentials


  • Private Practice: Established Imbordino Polygraph Examinations LLC in 2003
  • U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), 20 years - Supervisory Special Agent (Retired)
  • DOJ / DEA Polygraph Program Supervisor, 6 years
  • Certified Federal Polygraph Examiner & Forensic Psychophysiologist - 1987
  • Detective & Patrol - Addison, Illinois Police Department, 10 years
  • U.S. Army, Sergeant - Atomic Weapons Team Chief, 4 years

Certifications & Education

  • Bachelors Degree in Behavioral Science, National-Louis University
  • Graduate of the Department of Defense Polygraph Institute and Certified by the U.S. Department of Justice in 1987 (Forensic Psychophysiological Detection of Deception)
  • Former Adjunct Faculty Member - Department of Defense Polygraph Institute - now called the National Center for Credibility Assessment (NCCA), Fort Jackson, SC
  • Former Instructor: Computerized Polygraph Training, Texas Department of Public Safety Polygraph School, Austin, TX
  • Retired Instructor: Northeast Counterdrug Training Center - Polygraph School, Ft. Indiantown Gap, PA
  • Certified Primary Polygraph Instructor - American Polygraph Association
  • Licensed in many states & Insured
  • Certification from the University of Virginia in the Field of Forensic Psychophysiology
  • Certified Forensic Polygraph Examiner - American Association of Police Polygraphists
  • Certificate of Advanced & Specialized Training - American Polygraph Association
  • Attends 20 to 40 hours of professional continuing education every year


  • Qualified as an Expert Witness in Federal and State Courts
  • Participated in Research Resulting in the Development of a Computerized Polygraph Scoring Algorithm (PolyScore┬«) - Johns Hopkins University, Applied Physics Laboratory, Baltimore, MD
  • Instructor for numerous Polygraph Related Studies and Interview & Interrogation Techniques
  • Administered Over 5000 Polygraph Examinations
  • Featured Polygraph Examiner: Court TV - The Saturday Night Solution

Professional Organizations

  • American Association of Police Polygraphists - Past President
  • American Polygraph Association - Full Member
  • National Polygraph Association
  • Georgia Polygraph Association - Recipient of the 2012 President's Award
  • Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association
  • Association of Former Federal Narcotics Agents
  • American College of Forensic Examiners

The Forensic Examiner Creed

  • I do affirm that:
  • I shall investigate for the truth.
  • I shall report only the truth.
  • I shall avoid conflicts of advocacies and
  • I shall conduct myself ethically.
  • I shall seek to preserve the highest standard of my profession.
  • As a Forensic Examiner, I shall not have a monetary interest in any outcome of a matter in which I am retained.
  • I shall share my knowledge and experience with other examiners in a professional manner.
  • I shall avoid conflicts of interest and will continue my professional development throughout my career through continuing education, seminars, and other studies.
  • As a Forensic Examiner, I will express my expert opinion based only upon my knowledge, skill, education, training, and experience.
  • The light of knowledge shall guide me to the truth and with justice the truth shall prevail.
  • To all these things, I affirm to uphold.

From: The American College of Forensic Examiners